Jabber with Gizmo

is kinda slow at getting a linux client that works. But they have just added amost valuable aspect to their service: chat. They had mentioned this previously, but now it’s has come true. And unlike google talk, not only can you log into my gizmopject account with a third-party client, but you can also chat with anyone on the jabber network. This is very neat. So, even without a functioning linux client, you should be able log into the jabber account with psi and the sip account with kphone (if you can point me in the direction of a better sip client for linux, I’d love to see it). I haven’t tried this out yet, but rest assured that I will and will post the results here.

With this addition, gizmo is a large step closer to being a skype killer. Keep it up, gizmoproject.

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  1. Jay Knight » Gizmo’s Jabber server says:

    […] Gizmoproject now has instant messaging using jabber. You can log in to your gizmo accont with the jabber client of your choice, and they have server-to-server enabled, so you can talk to the rest of the jabber world. So, I logged in with psi and had a look arround. Here’s what I found. […]

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